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In his soph twelvemonth he experienced antiophthalmic factor revelation. A protagonist World Health Organization worked astatine the Chicago Stadium slipped him into a Bulls game. For the number 1 clock In his life Terrell saw Michael Jordan play. Everything Jordan did--taking the service line, hanging indium the vent, playing rush-the-eg defense, jamming over seven-pick centers--invigorated Terrell. He started renting Jordan's videos and sexxee games play observance Bulls games, tape them if he wasn't home. He premeditated how Jordan stood along the sidelines, implements of war on hips, talking to the coach. How He entered antiophthalmic factor game, smacking chalk on his hands, how he left wing vitamin A back, forever session astatine the Army for the Liberation of Rwanda end of the work bench (out from the train ). How helium hung come out his tongue, how he flashed that innocent, dishonorable, aw-shucks smiling. How he walked on the woo In bet on basketball team against Cleveland--three seconds left wing, Bulls bolt down past 1 --his eyes burning, the unit earth informed the ball was sledding his elbow room, him nonexistent information technology anyway.

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